First Steps with dSPACE Software - Purchase, Installation, and Licensing


This website gives you a brief overview of the steps you have to perform to start working with dSPACE software.

Step 1: Purchase

Please contact your local sales representatives. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate software components. You will then receive a quotation with the selected software. You can use the quotation to place the order.

Step 2: Delivery

You will receive USB dongles by mail. The dongles are used for license protection.

We will also send you an e-mail that contains License Overview files. These Microsoft® Excel® files provide the required license information, e.g., ticket IDs for the licenses. There is one ticket ID for each software product. You will need the IDs for license activation in Step 6. 

Step 3: mydSPACE Login

If you do not have a mydSPACE account yet, create one.

Log on with your business e-mail address. If your account is registered for accessing support information, the download will be available. In some cases, registration for support information is granted automatically. If you cannot access this service, request the access to support information by providing the relevant license ID. The license ID is printed on the dongle tag as a serial number of the 3-xxxx format.

Step 4: Software Download

Download dSPACE software from the dSPACE website.  Select the relevant Release and download the image file.

Step 5: Installation

Use the downloaded image file to install the dSPACE software. Install the product sets that contain the products you want to use and for which you have licenses.

Please refer to

  • Tutorial video ‘Installing dSPACE Software’:
  • User documentation ‘Installing dSPACE Software’:
  • User documentation ‘Managing dSPACE Installations’:

Step 6: License Activation

Activate the licenses on the dongle. 

Refer to:

  • Tutorial video ‘New Licensing for dSPACE Products: An Overview’:
  • Tutorial video ‘Activating Licenses and Decrypting Software Archives’:
  • User documentation ‘Working with CodeMeter Licensing Technology’:

Step 7: Decryption of Software and Documentation

To use dSPACE software, decrypt the encrypted parts of the installed software products by using the dongle with the licenses you just activated.

Refer to

  • Tutorial video ‘Activating Licenses and Decrypting Software Archives’:
  • User documentation ‘Managing dSPACE Installations’


These steps cover only the installation of the current dSPACE Release using dongle-based single-user licenses.

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