dSPACE Begins Designing and Assembling its Main Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Products in Japan

Tokyo, March 9, 2022. dSPACE, a global leader of in-vehicle software development and validation solutions, has begun designing and assembling hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), the company’s main product, domestically to speed up customer response in the Japanese market. This is the company’s third HIL assembly location in addition to its German and North American headquarters.

dSPACE spent adequate time setting up the base, including expanding office space and lab space in its Tokyo/Shinagawa headquarters, and dispatching Japanese engineers to its German headquarters to enhance their technical skills.

The first domestically-produced HIL systems were completed in July 2021 and shipped together with a second one.  dSPACE plans to start regular operations in 2022 and plans to produce 80 to 90% of the HIL systems for the Japanese market at the new base by 2025.

Responding more quickly and reliably to the increasingly complex demands of Japanese customers through autonomous driving and electrification

 Since complex HIL test systems have to be adapted to customer-specific requirements, close coordination with the customer is critical. This is particularly true for HIL testing solutions in the areas of autonomous driving and electrification, due to the increasing application complexity. Having a local HIL system design and production facility in Japan will overcome the challenges of operating in different time zones and will allow further development of customer relations.

Dispatching engineers to German headquarters to enhance their technical skills

 A constant high level of quality is essential for dSPACE HIL systems. To ensure this quality level for the new design and manufacturing base in Japan, dSPACE dispatched Japanese engineers to its German headquarters to enhance their technical skills. After returning to Japan, these engineers played a central role in setting up the new facility. Furthermore, these engineers, who trained at dSPACE’s headquarters in Germany, delivered the first domestically-produced HIL systems in July and August 2021.

Delivery times to be reduced by as much as 2 months

 Until now, all HIL systems sold in Japan have been designed and manufactured at dSPACE’s German headquarters, and then imported. Proactive, speedy responses from its base in Japan will enable dSPACE to shorten delivery times by up to two months.

 Shigeru Matsui, Director of the Application Engineering Department in dSPACE Japan, explained, “The intent is to design and manufacture 80 to 90% of HIL systems delivered in Japan domestically by 2025. At the same time, we are also considering allowing customers to make Japan-specific changes to the specifications.”

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