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RCP and HIL Software Release 4.0

Release 4.0.1


Since January 2004 Release 4.0 is shipped on a CD ROM labeled

dSPACE Release 4.0.1
for MATLAB©  R13
December 2003

This CD ROM contains both the original Release 4.0 Setup and the Maintenance Release 4.0.1.

The setup program at first installs Release 4.0. After rebooting the PC, the Maintenance Release 4.0.1 setup is started automatically.

If you don't have the Release 4.0.1 CD ROM available, you can download the Maintenance Release 4.0.1 from the Updates and Patches section to update an existing Release 4.0 installation.

For complete version information please refer to the information below and the Maintenance Release 4.0.1 page.

Software Compatibility

Windows Variant
Windows 2000  32-bit
Windows XP 32-bit


MATLAB Variant
MATLAB 6.5 32-bit


Supported Hardware

Type Details
DS1005 Real-time libraries for use with the respective dSPACE hardware

Sujets apparentés
Date 2003-08-08
Produit Matériels de prototypage rapide et HIL
Type d’information Informations de référence
Catégorie d’information Versions et compatibilité
Release dSPACE Avant la 2013-A