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Release 4.0, Build-No. 2003080801 for MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Maintenance Release 4.0.1, Build-No. 2003120501 for MATLAB 6.5 (R13) and MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13 with Service Pack 1)

Release 4.0.1


Since January 2004 Release 4.0 is shipped on a CD ROM labeled

dSPACE Release 4.0.1
for MATLAB©  R13
December 2003

This CD ROM contains both the original Release 4.0 Setup and the Maintenance Release 4.0.1.

The setup program at first installs Release 4.0. After rebooting the PC, the Maintenance Release 4.0.1 setup is started automatically.

If you don't have the Release 4.0.1 CD ROM available, you can download the Maintenance Release 4.0.1 from the Updates and Patches section to update an existing Release 4.0 installation.

For complete version information please refer to the information below and the Maintenance Release 4.0.1 page.

Release 4.0

Information available for this Release
Compatibility with non-dSPACE Software
Board-Specific Software
Software Bundles CDP
Complete Contents List of Release 4.0


Compatibility with non-dSPACE Software


The software included on this Release is compatible with the following non-dSPACE software.

Software and Version Requirements for dSPACE Products
Windows 98/Me,
Windows NT 4.0 SP 3,
Windows 2000 or Windows XP
For Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP the latest Service Pack is highly recommended.
Required for all dSPACE software.
MATLAB Release 13
(in conjunction with Simulink 5.0.1 and Real-Time Workshop 5.0.1 updates; see details)
Required when using the following dSPACE software:
RTI1005, RTI1103, RTI1104, RTI1401, RTI-MP, RTI Bypass Blockset, RTI CAN Blockset, RTI FlexRay Blockset, RTI LIN Blockset, MotionDesk Blockset, MLIB/MTRACE
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or later Required to access the online documentation
Microtec PowerPC C Compiler Version 2.0f* Required when using the following dSPACE hardware:
DS1005, DS1103, DS1104 or DS1401 (MicroAutoBox)


*NOTE: The compiler is supplied on this Release and is installed automatically during installation if purchased with the dSPACE system.
The compiler for the DS2210 or DS230x boards is supplied by Texas Instruments. For information on known problems regarding this compiler, see the Release's Readme.txt file.


Board-Specific Software

The following board-specific software is included on this Release.

Software and Version Description
Device Driver Version 2.1 For use with all dSPACE software and hardware
ControlDesk Basic Version 2.4 For use with all dSPACE hardware
RTLib1005 Version 1.6
RTLib1103 Version 1.6.1
RTLib1104 Version 1.2
RTLib1401 Version 1.7.1
Real-time libraries for use with the respective dSPACE boards



The following documentation versions are valid for this Release. All the documents listed below are also available online.

Documentation Version
dSPACE Release New Features and Migration (Release 4.0) August 2003
Modular Systems - Installation and Configuration Reference August 2003
DS1005 Installation and Configuration Guide August 2003
DS1103 Installation and Configuration Guide August 2003
DS1104 Installation and Configuration Guide August 2003
MicroAutoBox Installation and Configuration Guide August 2003
dSPACE Simulator Compact Installation and Configuration Guide August 2003
dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size Installation and Configuration Guide August 2003
RTI and RTI-MP Implementation Guide August 2003
ControlDesk Experiment Guide August 2003
ControlDesk Automation Guide August 2003
AutomationDesk Tutorial August 2003
AutomationDesk Automation Guide August 2003
MotionDesk 3-D Online Visualization Guide August 2003

The following documentation is only avaible online.

Documentation Version
ControlDesk Test Automation Guide August 2003
MLIB/MTRACE Interface and Trace Libraries July 2001


Software Bundles CDP

The following Software Bundles Control Development Packages (CDP) are included on this Release.

The CDP for singleprocessor systems contains ControlDesk Standard, RTI and MLIB/MTRACE. The CDP-MP package for multiprocessor systems also includes RTI-MP.

CDP for singleprocessor systems Version
ControlDesk Standard 2.4
RTI 4.5
CDP-MP for multiprocessor systems Version
ControlDesk Standard 2.4
RTI 4.5
RTI-MP 4.5

Note: All product dependencies for Release 4.0 are handled automatically by the installation program.

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