Validating Production Code on a dSPACE Real-Time System

Supported by ConfigurationDesk, SCALEXIO, and MicroAutoBox III

Production code tests on the real-time system. 

TargetLink-generated production code can be directly validated and tested on a dSPACE real-time system supported by ConfigurationDesk (currently: SCALEXIO and MicroAutoBox III hardware). This enables users to quickly determine how code potentially works in a realistic environment (real-world connection via the I/O of the real-time system). Moreover, the processing power, memory space, and I/O options of the real-time hardware allow for extensive test options, which are difficult to provide due to the limited possibilities of a production ECU. TargetLink-generated code can also be used for multiple real-time system-based tests and development tasks in other process steps aside from pure production code generation. The mechanism is possible thanks to the support of container-based workflows for the ConfigurationDesk implementation software. The software is required for connecting to SCALEXIO and MicroAutoBox III.    

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