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Engineering Services

dSPACE offers numerous services to assist you with your prototyping activities. Whatever your use case for the dSPACE RCP systems, we are ready to support you with:




Service (Examples) Details (Examples)
Custom I/O solutions
  • Custom I/O interfaces (e.g., customized FPGA-based I/O for SCALEXIO)
  • Custom Real-Time-Interface (RTI) I/O blocksets or custom I/O functions for ConfigurationDesk
  • Modifying and designing signal conditioning and power stage modules for RapidPro hardware
  • Integrating third-party hardware and software
  • Developing customer-specific I/O and camera interface modules for MicroAutoBox Embedded PC and MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU1)
  • Developing customer-specific components for RTMaps
Turn-key prototyping systems (from selective services to complete turn-key systems)
  • Concept design
  • System configuration
  • Signal list / wiring harness specification and assembly
  • I/O model and system tests
  • On-site commissioning
  • Hands-on training
ECU interface solutions
  • Development of ECU-specific plug-on devices and connector adapters for the dSPACE bypass interface DCI-GSI2
  • Support for setting up HEX-code-based external and on-target bypassing projects with the ECU Interface Manager
  • ECU-specific configuration of dSPACE bypass services and integration into ECU source code
  • Development and customer-specific adaptation of ECU flash programming tools
Tool introduction and training
  • Support during evaluations and pilot projects
  • Hands-on, customer-specific training


1) MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU is still under development. Information about MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU is subject to change without notice.

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