Model, Signal, and Parameter Management

Signal and Parameter Management

Parameter import and export plug-ins.

  • Centrally manage signals, parameters, and parameter sets
  • Exchange parameters with other tools via import and export plug-ins
  • Support of standards and standard file formats, such as dSPACE TargetLink Data Dictionary (DD), DCM, A2L, HEX, MOT, CDFX, and PAR
  • Specify variant or value dependencies for each parameter
  • Parameterize test cases   

SYNECT supports the central management of signals, parameters, and parameter sets throughout the entire ECU development process. It supports commonly used file formats and standards, and provides direct connections to engineering tools, so you can easily store and retrieve signals and parameters. You can use integrated variant management to specify that a given parameter or parameter set has different values for different variants, for example.

Managing Models in SYNECT

Graphical system model integration.

  • Manage models based on their metadata, including their interfaces, parameters, and references to the actual model files
  • Manage models independently of the modeling tools you are using
  • Import model information from various sources: Simulink® models, XML or Excel files, or model containers, such as Functional Mock-up Units (FMU), Simulink implementation containers (SIC), V-ECUs, and bus simulation containers (BSC)  

SYNECT Model Management lets you manage models by using the models’ metadata and interfaces. SYNECT Model Management integrates into existing processes and supports multiple file management systems, facilitating the exchange and reuse of models. It also allows for integrating models for simulation and testing, independently of the modeling tools. In addition, SYNECT Model Management provides the functionality to validate the managed models based on their metadata. It is possible to check for process compliance, naming conventions, existence of information, and interface consistency.

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