MicroAutoBox Break-Out Box1)


  • Universal desktop connection panel for MicroAutoBox II and MicroAutoBox III
  • Fast and flexible signal connection
  • Checking and reconnecting signals without changing an existing cable harness
  • For use with all MicroAutoBox variants

Key Benefits

The MicroAutoBox Break-Out Box provides easy access to all signals on the I/O connectors of MicroAutoBox. You can observe signals and/or reconnect them without changing an existing cable harness. The break-out box can be used with all MicroAutoBox II and MicroAutoBox III variants.

Technical Details

Parameter Specification
  • I/O connectors: a) For connection to MicroAutoBox and b) For connection to an existing cable harness
  • Knife disconnectors to interrupt the signal path
Physical size
  • 341 x 224 x 61 mm (13.4 x 8.8 x 2.4 in.)
Ambient temperature
  • 0 ... +70 °C (+32 ... +158 °F)


1) Devices connected to the MicroAutoBox Break-Out Box can feed in high currents and high voltages, which can be dangerous for the user. Under all circumstances, you must observe all the safety precautions described in the documentation of the MicroAutoBox Break-Out Box and of the connected devices.


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