Low-Voltage Testing

Low-voltage emulation of e-mobility components

Using multiple low-voltage electronic loads in parallel makes it possible to reach up to several kilowatts of power. Typical test application areas include electric power steering (EPS) systems, starter and generator systems, two-wheelers, secondary drives, and mild hybrid drives.

The electronic loads can either be completely integrated into a standard HIL cabinet or combined with several external components, such as high-current failure insertion units (FIU) or climate chambers.

Unique Features

  • Outstanding and very realistic current emulation
  • Identical modeling environment for tests on the signal level and the power level
  • Specifically tailored for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at the power level
  • Current-based emulation for simulating variable motor inductances without the necessity for switching or exchanging any hardware components
  • Support of discontinuous conduction for the emulation of sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motors
  • Safe test conditions due to safety mechanisms for power electronics

Our Products

DS5381 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Unit

Low-voltage electronic load unit for the power HIL simulation of electric machines (voltage range: up to 60 V)

DS5380 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Module

Low-voltage electronic load module for power HIL testing of low-voltage and low-power auxiliary motors (voltage range: up to 30 V)

Use Case

Mild Hybrid Testing

Model-based approach for low-voltage testing of mild hybrid systems

  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Product Information, PDF, English, 8510 KB
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