ConfigurationDesk 2023-A/Model Interface Package for Simulink 2023-A

Support of FMI 3.0, New UART Function Block Type, Support of MACsec

ConfigurationDesk 2023-A lets you use Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) based on the FMI 3.0 standard. This includes all features that are already supported for FMUs based on the FMI 2.0 standard. In addition, the FMUs can contain array variables and build descriptions. Using array variables instead of many scalar variables improves the real-time performance of your application and simplifies the instrumentation in ControlDesk. A build description file provides information for compiling and linking the source files and libraries of a source code FMU. Source code FMUs can contain build descriptions for several different targets and can thus be used on different simulator platforms. ConfigurationDesk 2023-A supports build descriptions also for FMUs based on the FMI 2.0.4 standard.
The UART function block lets you easily configure UART transceivers and implement UART communication via RS232, RS422, or RS485. Separate functions for transmission and reception allow the use of different model tasks, for example, to receive data with a longer task period.
Implementing MACsec features (IEEE802.1AE) of the DS6330M4 Automotive Ethernet Module lets you authenticate and optionally encrypt Ethernet frames on the data link layer. Optional features of MACsec for identifying secured connections and securing the connection against replay attacks are also supported.

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