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Webinar Recording: MISRA C Made Easy with the TargetLink Ecosystem

October 11, 2017

In this webinar recording you will learn how to efficiently exploit the TargetLink ecosystem to achieve MISRA C compliance.

Instructors: Felix Engel, Product Engineer TargetLink at dSPACE, Oliver Collmann, Head of Sales, MES Model Engineering Solutions

Target Group: Software Developers, QA Managers, and  Engineering Managers

dSPACE, MES, and AbsInt invite you to a free webinar that informs you about applying MISRA C for model-based design. In this Webinar you will learn how to efficiently exploit the TargetLink Ecosystem to meet MISRA C:2012 requirements in your model-based development projects. You will also see how dSPACE TargetLink, MES MXAM, and AbsInt Astrée work jointly towards MISRA compliance

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