To accelerate making the vision of autonomous driving a reality, dSPACE strategically expanded its portfolio in 2019 by acquiring the AI-native start-up company The benefit for automotive customers: Having a unique, integrated development and test solution for autonomous driving from a single source at the tip of their hands. (UAI) and dSPACE complement each other perfectly. The UAI data anonymization, data annotation, and scenario generation portfolio integrates seamlessly with dSPACE solutions for data logging on one hand and data replay and simulation on the other.

The expertise of focuses on developing algorithms that drive efficiencies in training and testing of functions for autonomous driving. By creating a powerful automation engine for training and validation data annotation, orchestrates the enrichment of sensor data recorded during test drives and turns them into simulable scenarios. The underlying technology is based on deep neural networks and ensures precise and cost-effective training and validation of autonomous driving.

UAI Annotator

High-quality, high-throughput annotation tooling based on Zero-Touch Annotation™ Automation. - 3D Annotation Tooling - 2D Annotation Tooling - Bounding Boxes - 2D & 3D Semantic Segmentation - 2D & 3D Polylines

Scenario Generation by and dSPACE

Creation of realistic scenarios based on recorded real-world data for large-scale testing of autonomous driving functions.

UAI Anonymizer

An identity protection anonymizer to remove more than 99% of all identifiable faces and license plates. GDPR, APPI, CSL, CCPA compliant by design.

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