We implement your visions of e-mobility quickly and reliably, because we have years of experience with the special requirements of electric drives. For the development and testing of electric motors, battery systems, fuel cells, and charging infrastructures, we provide you with the most comprehensive solution portfolio – scalable to your individual requirements. This is how e-mobility becomes an actual alternative even faster. 

Power Grids

Whether you are developing power systems, energy management systems, inverters, or other power grid-related systems – we offer you comprehensive support in designing, prototyping, implementing, and testing your systems.

Charging Technologies

We offer complete solutions for developing and testing smart charging technologies – from charging stations and communication controllers to onboard chargers.

Energy Storage Systems

Learn how to develop and test battery management systems and state-of-the-art fuel cell technologies with our dSPACE solutions.

Power Management

Learn how our solutions accelerate the validation of DC/DC converters and other power electronics components related to electric vehicles.

Automotive Drives

Our solutions support you in developing and testing various in-vehicle electric drives – from vehicle traction motors to small electric motors for in-vehicle auxiliary systems.

Steering Systems

To meet your individual requirements, we offer scalable solutions for testing electromechanical power steering systems – from signal level testing to electronic loads, which can emulate an electric motor with real currents and voltages, to dynamic test benches.

Braking Systems

For testing complete electronic brake systems as well as their individual power electronic components under realistic operating conditions, we offer a wide range of test systems up to test benches with real brake system components.

Industrial Drives

Our solutions support you in developing and testing power electronic controllers for industrial applications, such as production machines, robotics, and transportation. Typical applications include active front ends (AFE), that supply the common DC bus of the drive system and connect it bidirectionally to the power grid, and high-performance drives with high switching frequencies.

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