Model software architectures and generate virtual ECUs
  • Develop software architectures and systems for ECU software according to AUTOSAR R3 and R4
  • Generate virtual ECUs for early validation with VEOS® or SCALEXIO®
  • Convenient connection to TargetLink® for software component development
  • Complete tool automation and scripting options
  • Powerful validation of model compliance and consistency with AUTOSAR

New: SystemDesk 4.2

Validation Scenarios
  • Generate virtual ECUs for AUTOSAR R4.0 and R4.1 for validation early in the development process
    • PC-based with VEOS
    • Hardware-in-the-loop scenarios with SCALEXIO
  • Start simulation sooner by configuring and generating the relevant basic software parts automatically
  • Define RTE intervention points for test scenarios (e.g., signal stimulation, fault insertion, and closed simulations with an environment model) 
AUTOSAR Modeling
  • Complete support of formats for AUTOSAR R4.0 and R4.1
  • Enhanced features for comfortable software and system architecture modeling 
  • Tailored import and export alternatives with many configuration options
  • Support for classic exchange scenarios with TargetLink and third-party BSW configuration tools


Application Area

SystemDesk is a system architecture tool that supports the model-based development of ECU software and distributed automotive electrics/electronics (E/E) systems and subsystems. For this purpose, you can model AUTOSAR-based system architectures and generate virtual ECUs for early software validation.
SystemDesk enables users to create AUTOSAR description files efficiently and with high quality, which also guarantees a smooth data exchange between OEMs and their suppliers. Moreover, SystemDesk can be used to prepare and supply AUTOSAR software for simulation and test scenarios early in the development process.

Key Benefits

  • Import and export of AUTOSAR files: e.g., the AUTOSAR system extract with explicit assigned AUTOSAR elements
  • Rule-based validation of the system architecture according to the constraints of the AUTOSAR standard
  • An open API for automating recurring tasks or allowing remote controlling by third-party tools
  • Graphical representation of the system and editors for data mapping: e.g., mapping software components (SWC) to the ECU or data elements to system signals

Development Workflow

SystemDesk is closely integrated in the dSPACE product portfolio to assist the development of ECU software. Models, functions, and production code from dSPACE TargetLink can be integrated for software components and architectures designed in SystemDesk.
With SystemDesk you can also generate virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) containing the same software components as those that will run on the final ECU. By using V-ECUs, you can perform PC-based simulation runs with dSPACE VEOS® for virtual validation or start your hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests with dSPACE SCALEXIO® even before all the ECU hardware prototypes are available.