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Modeling system architecture and generating virtual ECUs
  • ECU software architecture and system development for AUTOSAR R3 and R4
  • Easy and efficient modeling with diagrams and editors
  • Generation of virtual ECUs for early validation with VEOS® or SCALEXIO®
  • Coupling with TargetLink® for function development
  • Complete and documented API for automation
  • Powerful validation of AUTOSAR models
Application Areas
SystemDesk is a system architecture tool that provides sophisticated and extensive support for modeling AUTOSAR architectures and systems for application software. Comprehensive graphical support facilitates the first use but also enables efficient and error-reduced working during large-scale projects.
Additionally SystemDesk makes validating AUTOSAR-based system architectures possible at an early development stage. Therefore, virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) are generated out of the application software and used as units under test with the dSPACE simulation platforms, such as the PC-based simulation platform VEOS for validating the ECU software.

New: SystemDesk 4.3

  • Support of AUTOSAR 4.1.3, 4.1.2, 4.1.1, 4.0.3 and 4.0.2​
  • Auto repair for validation errors
  • Automatic mapping of implementation data types
  • ​New editor for modeling the mapping of data elements to system signals
V-ECU Generation
  • Generation of a COM stack for LIN bus simulation

SystemDesk Modeling Module

Application Areas
The SystemDesk Modeling Module enables the modeling of AUTOSAR software architectures and systems containing one or more networked AUTOSAR ECUs. It supports the software architecture development process from modeling software components (SWCs) to specifying system aspects including the hardware topology and network communication.
Key Benefits
  • Easy workflow and intuitive working environment
  • Easy start in working with AUTOSAR
  • Ideally suited for large production projects
  • Reliable data exchange between different project members

SystemDesk V-ECU Generation Module

Application Areas
For virtual validation applications, the SystemDesk V-ECU Generation Module lets you model and generate virtual ECUs (V-ECUs). V-ECUs enable you to test the system's overall behavior with either the PC-based simulation platform VEOS or the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator SCALEXIO® as soon as the implementation with C code is available.
A V-ECU can consist of just a single application software component (SWC) containing multiple functions, or a more complex software architecture containing several connected application SWCs including the basic SWCs.
Key Benefits
  • Guided creation of virtual ECUs out of the software architecture
  • Selective adjustment of BSW components tailored to specific requirements
  • All required basic software modules for the simulation

Working with SystemDesk

Both SystemDesk versions include numerous features that support your development process:
AUTOSAR-Compliant Modeling
Use SystemDesk’s authoring capabilities to create and edit software architecture and system descriptions according to the AUTOSAR standard.
Dialogs and Diagrams
For an easy and efficient capture and configuration of common AUTOSAR data, SystemDesk offers convenient, pre-configured dialogs. Additionally special diagrams of the software architecture and system elements help to keep an overview over your model.
Data Exchange with TargetLink
You can exchange data seamlessly between SystemDesk and dSPACE's production code generator TargetLink. This gives you a safe process in a model-based development environment for including the actual functionality in the software architecture.
Generation of Virtual ECUs for Simulation
Use SystemDesk to generate virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) that include basic software modules to get a realistic representation of the real ECU. Simulate the V-ECU with VEOS or SCALEXIO® to validate your software when a hardware prototype is not available (yet).
Project Validation
Use SystemDesk’s validation to ensure that your project is complete and consistent. You can define your own custom validation rules to also check for company-specific project requirements.
Complete and Documented Tool API
Use the open tool API to automate recurring design tasks and extend the features of SystemDesk according to project-specific requirements.
Import and Export of AUTOSAR Files
SystemDesk offers comprehensive features for importing and exporting AUTOSAR files. You can flexibly configure the data to be included in each individual project. Import and export are done with just a few clicks.

Connecting and using configuration and version management tools with SystemDesk is made easy with special import and export options.