• Company

    dSPACE Inc Wixom, MI

    Founded in 1991, dSPACE Inc. is the North American 
    subsidiary of dSPACE GmbH (Germany). Our office,
    located in Wixom, Michigan (near Detroit), is staffed
    by 60+ employees to guarantee optimum attention
    for our North American customers.

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  • Valeo

    Highly Dynamic Testing Stéphane Fourmy, VALEO Power Electrical System

    ​Real-time modeling of a permanent
    magnet electrical machine for ECU
    functional validation applications

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  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

    Virtual ECUs in Action

    Classic hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation uses the real electronic
    control units (ECUs) to test whether their software functions correctly.
    Now virtual validation and virtual ECUs are providing new potential
    for more efficient, high-quality HIL simulation tests.

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  • Support

    Support at dSPACE Support request, knowledge base, version information, updates and more

    Not only does dSPACE offer first-class
    products, we also provide product support
    to meet all your requirements. If you have
    any problems when using dSPACE systems,
    don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Careers at dSPACE

    From EcoCAR to dSPACE Former EcoCAR members join dSPACE Engineering Team

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What's new in the dSPACE products world

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Powerful tools

Innovation is a solid tradition of ours. And we'll still be setting the trends tomorrow. Generating new ideas to simplify, improve, and accelerate the development and testing of ECUs and mechatronic control systems.

Application Areas

Faster, better development

Wherever engineers are working on cars and planes, dSPACE is involved. When we promise "Embedded Success", you can take it quite literally: More speed in development, more safety in tests, fast response times, global availability. dSPACE tools and services are cutting-edge instruments of success.