Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1)

Connecting sensors and actuators to dSPACE systems

The Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1) allows a decentralized connection of sensors and actuators to dSPACE systems via diverse serial interfaces and protocols. Customer-specific solutions can also be built with the PGI1.

  • Generic interface box for decentralized connection of sensors and actuators to dSPACE systems via various serial interfaces and protocols (250 Mbit/s LVDS interface for PHS hardware or Ethernet for SCALEXIO hardware)
  • Emulation of sensor signals (such as yaw rate or crash sensors) with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation
  • Highly flexible adaptation to customer requirements via piggyback modules and special FPGA firmware

Solution Platform
PHS Hardware (Configuration via Simulink Blockset) MicroLabBox (Configuration via Simulink Blockset) SCALEXIO (Configuration via ConfigurationDesk)
SPI Master Solution (supports up to 4 masters) x x -
SPI Slave Solution (supports up to 16 slaves) x x -
I²C Master/Slave Solution (supports up to 16 masters and 256 slaves) x x -
Interface for direct coupling of dSPACE real-time platforms with LTi DRiVES servo controllers (LTi TWINsync protocol) x x -
PSI5 Master/Slave Solution (supports up to 4 masters and 10 slaves) x - x



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