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ConfigurationDesk & RapidPro Patch 1.0p2

Problems Fixed by this Patch



This patch can only be installed on an existing ConfigurationDesk 1.0 installation (dSPACE Release 4.2).
It contains also the prior patch ConfigurationDesk 1.0p1.

Problems Fixed by this Patch

  • RapidPro ControlUnits (MPC565 processor) with slave application firmware V 1.2 cannot be used with DS1401/DS1005 real-time programs that have been generated with Release 4.2.

    The slave application firmware V 1.2 is shipped with Release 5.0 and RapidPro systems delivered as of November 2005 are already programmed to this firmware version.

    This patch provides updated versions of RTLib1401/RTLib1005 to achieve compatibility with RapidPro ControlUnits programmed to Slave firmware 1.2 or higher.
  • For information about problems that have already been fixed in ConfigurationDesk 1.0p1 please refer to the ConfigurationDesk_1_0_p2.txt file that you can download below.



  • Real-time applications have to be re-built after the installation of the patch.

ConfigurationDesk_1_0_p2.txt (3 kB)
RapidPro1.0p2.exe (11MB)
InstallationNotes_RapidPro.pdf (98kB)
(How to update the RapidPro firmware with Release 4.2)


Date 2005-11-28
Type de produit Systèmes compacts
Produit ConfigurationDesk, RapidPro, Matériels de prototypage rapide et HIL
Type d’information Patches
Catégorie d’information Phase de débogage
Release dSPACE Avant la 2013-A