Virtual Validation

Errors during the ECU development process should be detected as early as possible. Thus, simulations and tests should be run in the early stages of the development process, preferably even before hardware-in-the-loop simulators or ECU hardware are available.

VEOS allows the simulation of what are called virtual processing units (VPUs) on a PC, i.e., without additional hardware. VPUs that represent real ECUs can be built with SystemDesk. VPUs that implement the behavior of the environment can be built from Simulink models or functional mock-up units. VEOS allows interconnecting these VPUs either directly or via virtual buses so that delays caused by bus communication can also be taken into account. Simulations running on VEOS can be accessed by the same tools as simulations running on hardware-in-the-loop simulators, i.e., ControlDesk and AutomationDesk. Therefore, VEOS can also be used to prepare simulation setups for hardware-in-the-loop simulations before the hardware is available.

  • Systems engineers, software architects, software developers, software testers, ECU testers
  • Recommended: Basic knowledge of AUTOSAR and system modeling with SystemDesk

  • Overview of the different approaches to build VPUs
  • Create VPUs from SystemDesk models
  • Interconnect VPUs
  • Run simulations of VPUs and observe the simulations in ControlDesk

  • SystemDesk V-ECU generation module
  • VEOS
  • ControlDesk
  • Bus Manager

  • Configure and create virtual processing units in SystemDesk
  • Connect virtual processing units in VEOS
  • Include environment models
  • Run and monitor simulations 

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