Dashboards and Reporting


  • Visualize the test project status with configurable widget-based web dashboards
  • Stay informed about the test progress worldwide
  • Create comprehensive and company-specific reports, including requirements coverage reports
  • Identify trends early and take appropriate action 
  • Summarize all project test results even for various test levels in customized reports and release ISO-compliant software based on these reports

Monitoring test activities and test progress can be a challenge, especially when many people across different teams, departments, and countries are involved. To make monitoring easier, SYNECT offers dashboards to visualize the test project status. Dashboards can be highly customized to display all relevant project metrics.

You can access the dashboards without a SYNECT client installation, only a compatible Internet browser is required. Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

To get the final approval for a software release, the test status has to be documented – in compliance with the process and ISO standard. The SYNECT reporting feature helps you document and share the test status, including an overview of planned and completed tests. The requirement test coverage and requirement test status are available at the click of a button. Requirement coverage results can also be exported to a customizable report.

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