ConfigurationDesk 2023-B/MIPS 2023-B

Support of new MicroLabBox II, support for FMUs with terminals and binary ports, improved usability of redesigned options page

ConfigurationDesk 2023‑B now supports the new MicroLabBox II. MicroLabBox II is a ready-to-use rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop test system for a laboratory environment.
You can now use FMUs that provide a Terminals description according to the FMI 3.0 and FMI 2.0.4 standards. Connecting compatible signals is simplified by structured data inports or structured data outports. You can map these structured data ports with the structured ports of other FMUs, SIC files, Simulink® models, BSC files, or function blocks.
ConfigurationDesk lets you also use FMUs that provide binary input/output variables according to the FMI 3.0 standard. ConfigurationDesk creates a variable-size port for each binary input/output variable of an FMU. FMUs that handle non-numeric data, such as complex sensor data interfaces, can be interconnected in real-time applications. You can map variable-size model ports to other variable-size model ports, or to the Data vector function ports of the UDP Transmit, UDP Receive, and TCP function blocks which now support variable-size signals.
The fully redesigned Options dialog lets you find options quickly by a category-based navigation and a search bar with direct response while typing. In addition, the Options dialog now contains the new Search Path Editor which allows a graphical configuration of search paths for artifacts used by ConfigurationDesk (Custom Functions, FPGA containers).

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