Hybrid Vehicle Model Development using ASM-AMESim-Simscape Co-Simulation for Real-Time HIL Applications

Sisay Kefyalew Molla ((dSPACE Inc., USA)), 
Kunal Patil (Texas Tech. University), 
Tino Schulze (dSPACE GmbH), 
Published: SAE World Congress, Apr 2012

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a real-time testing process that has been proven indispensable for the modern vehicle dynamics, powertrain, chassis and body systems electronic controls development. The high quality standards and robustness of the control algorithms can only be met by means of detailed vehicle plant simulation models. In the last few years, several efforts have been made to develop detailed plant models. Several tools for the vehicle modeling are available in the market and each tool has different and distinct advantages. This paper addresses ways that dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) can support the model-based development processes. Additional modern software tools that were used in connection with the ASM are LMS AMESim and Mathworks SimDriveline (of Simscape). ASM is an open Matlab/Simulink model environment used for offline PC based simulation and online real-time platform HIL testing. The combinations of system models from different suppliers typically require significant adaptation effort. dSPACE's ASM are ideally adapted to dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulators with real time capability whereas the AMESim environment requires a special procedure to make it compliant with dSPACE real-time hardware. This paper describes how AMESim vehicle dynamics, SimDriveline automatic transmission models and ASM parallel hybrid vehicle models are integrated for a dSPACE HIL real-time simulation environment.

  • English: Hybrid Vehicle Model Development using ASM-AMESim-Simscape Co-Simulation for Real-Time HIL Applications PDF, 5944 KB
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