Powerful data management helps you centralize, store, search, filter, preview, post-process, and analyze your recorded data for data-driven development of functions for ADAS/automated driving and other mobility applications. With the dSPACE solution for sensor data management, you will quickly find what you are looking for in petabytes of traffic data.

Our Solution Highlights

  • Save time in data preparation through efficient data search and selection
  • Intuitive user interface for smooth integration into your work processes
  • Open API for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure and easy extension of data management functionality
  • Share your data easily without duplication for more efficient collaboration in data-driven development
  • Data management in a cost-optimized infrastructure: in the cloud and on-premise

With IVS, our sensor data management platform, you can prepare and select the right data sets for the validation of your perception, fusion, and trajectory planning algorithms. IVS allows for the efficient management of petabytes of your test drive data regardless of your infrastructure. IVS is an open, cloud-based software platform that allows you to analyze, preview and tag test drive data that is stored in the cloud, on-premise, or in globally distributed data centers. In an intuitive user interface, you can easily find and select relevant data and create dedicated data sets for your test campaigns.

IVS: Via an intuitive user interface, you can quickly find and select the data you need and create data sets for your purposes.

Use Case: From Data Logging to AI Training and Validation

Your collected data serves specific purposes along the data pipeline, such as AI training and function validation of an automated vehicle. A powerful data management system – IVS – helps you deliver the right data to the data consumer and sort out superfluous data.

With IVS, you can choose and deliver exactly the data needed from petabytes of collected data.

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