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TargetLink 2.1.6


About TargetLink 2.1.6

TargetLink 2.1.6 is the first patch for TargetLink Release 2.1.

It includes all bug fixes for TargetLink Release 2.1 up to April 20, 2006. It also aims to provide compatibility with MATLAB Release 2006a+ and to introduce some new TargetLink features.

We constantly strive to improve our products and to maintain compatibility with the latest MATLAB releases. During our compatibility tests performed with the MATLAB 2006a release, some incompatibilities were detected and communicated to The MathWorks. These incompatibilities do not occur with the current update MATLAB R2006a+. We therefore recommend that you install that release, which you can find at the Web site of The MathWorks.

How to install TargetLink 2.1.6

  • You need administrative privileges in order to run the installation program of TargetLink 2.1.6.
  • TargetLink 2.1.6 supports different MATLAB releases. Depending on the MATLAB version you intend to use, you need a Key Disk to install TargetLink 2.1.6.
  • For complete information about the installation procedure download the TargetLink216.txt file below.


TL2.1.6_Setup.exe (29 MB)
TargetLink216.txt (13 kB)

List of fixed problems in this release will soon be available under
Problem Reports TargetLink

Date 2006-04-01
Software-Typ Software für Seriencode-Generierung
Produkt TargetLink
Informationstyp Patches
Informationskategorie Problembehandlung
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