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Target Simulation Module for Processor Hitachi SH7058

Discontinued. Use TargetLink 2.0.6 instead.

Processor: Hitachi SH7058
Module: TSM-SH2e/Hit/Renesas EVB7058

Target Simulation Modules (TSM) are used to execute the generated code directly on the target processor. A Target Simulation Module for the new Hitachi SH7058F processor is available for TargetLink 2.0.

Before you can install the patch you must have installed TargetLink 2.0 and the Target Simulation Module Hitachi SH-2e: Hitachi EVB7055 which is the previous version.

To run the code directly on the target processor use the Target Simulation Module TSM-SH2e/Hit/Renesas EVB7058 together with the corresponding evaluation board.

Please check the ReadMe for installation instructions.


ReadMe.txt (5.2 kB)
TL20_TSM_SH2e_Hit_EVB7058.exe (Setup program, 4.13MB) (Packed setup program, 4.11MB)

Date 2005-02-15
Software-Typ Software für Seriencode-Generierung
Produkt TargetLink
Informationstyp Patches
Informationskategorie Problembehandlung
dSPACE Release Bis 2013-A