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FAQ 311: Error message: Invalid PHS-bus base address


After download my application aborts with an error message saying:
"invalid PHS-bus base address 0x00000000"
What is the reason for the error and what can I do to solve it?


Date 2016-12-30
Produkttyp Modulare Systeme
Hardware-Typ PHS-Hardware
Software-Typ Implementierungssoftware
Produkt DS1005 PPC Board, DS1006 Processor Board, DS1007 PPC Processor Board, Real-Time Interface (RTI)
Informationstyp FAQ (Häufig gestellte Fragen)
Informationskategorie Problembehandlung
dSPACE Release 2017-B , 2017-A, 2016-B, 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A, 2014-B, 2014-A, 2013-B, 2013-A, Bis 2013-A
Keywords PHS bus, RTI, I/O board