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Test Framework to Test Builder Migration Tool

The highly customizable Test Builder library is introduced in AutomationDesk 3.6 as successor of the Test Framework library.

The Test Framework to Test Builder Migration utility allows automatic migration of existing Test Framework projects and libraries to Test Builder implementations.

The Test Framework to Test Builder Migration tool requires AutomationDesk 3.6  or newer.

AutomationDesk Version Download Python Version Revision Date
5.4 2.7 2018-07-06
5.3 2.7 2018-07-06
5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 2.7 2017-09-11
4.0 and 4.1 2.7 2015-08-14
3.6 2.5 2012-10-15

Date 2018-07-06
Software-Typ Testautomatisierungssoftware
Produkt AutomationDesk
Informationstyp Utilities
Informationskategorie Migration, Funktionserweiterung
dSPACE Release 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A, 2014-B, 2014-A, 2013-B, 2013-A