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Migrate Bus Monitoring Devices: Repairing Layout Connections

When reusing an experiment originally created with an earlier version of ControlDesk, replacing and reloading the originally imported variable description file might be blocked due to a changed variable description file import. 

Use the Migrate Bus Monitoring Devices utility to repair the variable connections.

This applies to

  • DBC files in connection with the CAN Monitoring device (experiment originally created with ControlDesk 5.4 or earlier), and
  • LDF files in connection with the LIN Monitoring device (experiment originally created with ControlDesk 5.5 or earlier).

For information on installing and using the Python script please refer to the application note that comes with this utility.

Date 2019-01-10
Software-Typ Experimentier- und Visualisierungssoftware, Busschnittstellen-Software, Steuergeräteschnittstellen-Software
Produkt ControlDesk
Informationstyp Utilities
Informationskategorie Migration, Funktionserweiterung
dSPACE Release 2018-B, 2018-A, 2017-B , 2017-A, 2016-B, 2016-A, 2015-B