dSPACE Release 2023-B (November 2023)

The main innovations of dSPACE Release 2023-B are outlined below.     



ASM 2023-B

  • New ASM demo project: Truck-trailer with traffic
  • AURELION projects included in all vehicle dynamics demos
  • ASM Battery:
    • Improved battery topology for different BMS/CSC layouts
    • Out-of-the-box support for smart charging SIL/HIL simulation
  • ASM Electric Components: Enhanced parameterization of electric machine model
  • ASM Fuel Cell: improvements for more realistic fuel cell simulation (more realistic simulation of small cell voltages, e.g., for testing shutdown routines).
  • ASM Vehicle Dynamics: dynamometer interfaces (easy connection of steerable and non-steerable roller dynamometers to the model
  • Automated ADAMS2ASM conversion and validation
  • Optimized ASM module interfaces for more convenient signal routing

AutomationDesk 2023-B

  • Support of Python 3.11
  • Support of the new MicroLabBox II
  • New Sleep block in the XIL API Convenience library
Bus Manager 2023-B (stand-alone
  • Transfer of configured bus communication to bus configurations by copying, cutting, and pasting bus configuration elements
  • Simulation of PDU gateways (preview version)
  • Generation of missing ECUs for LIN PDUs
  • Adding of event‑controlled timing elements to IPDUs in communication matrices
  • Manipulation of J1939‑22‑compliant IPDUs with a payload length of up to 60 bytes
  • PDU Enable feature available for multiplexed IPDUs
ConfigurationDesk 2023-B and MIPS 2023-B
  • Support for the new MicroLabBox II
  • Support for FMUs with terminals (structured ports) and binary ports (FMI 3.0 features) 
  • Ethernet send and receive functions support direct connection to FMU binary ports and Simulink® model variable-sized vector ports
  • Changing CAN baud rate at run time
  • Support for new I/O boards (DS6365-PE, DS1521 MACsec, DS6242, DS5482, SCALEXIO FSX Unit, DS6801, DS6805)   
  • Enhanced support for Simulink® ports on root level of the model
  • Fully redesigned options page with new search path editor 
ControlDesk 2023-B
  • Support of the new MicroLabBox II
    • Use ControlDesk with the new MicroLabBox II, the successor of the MicroLabBox, as ready-to-use rapid control prototyping system for the laboratory environment
  • Support of the new SCALEXIO FSX Unit
    • ControlDesk supports the two new SCALEXIO FSX) boards (DS6801 and DS6805) for the new FSX unit (10 slots, 14 ports).
  • Support of Python 3.11
    • In response to the announcement of end of security support for Python 3.9, ControlDesk switches to Python 3.11
  • Improved ControlDesk user experience
    • Global searching for variables and block groups
    • Switching mechanism to activate preview features
    • User feedback can be sent directly from ControlDesk to dSPACE
    • Features demonstrated in videos (referenced via QR code)
    • Start page helps with accessing content and utilities for ControlDesk on the
        dSPACE website
  • Variable mapping improvements
    • For more flexibility, all mappings can be replaced with variables on layouts in one shot, and vice versa
  • Instrumentation improvements
    • Displaying signal names in the legend for Time Plotter and Index Plotter
    • Showing the connection name in time and data cursor tooltips for the Time Plotter
    • Specifying Custom Header Text for Variable Array
    • MP3 file support for the Sound Controller
    • Usability improvements for Hierarchy Array (customizing the font of tab header text, expanding/ collapsing subordinate row
    • New date and time instruments 
  • Bus Navigator improvements
    • General
      • Customizing Bus Instrument generation
      • Support of R22-11 ARXML files
    • For CAN:
      • PDU user port manipulation support
      • SecOC freshness overwrite value manipulation support
    • For J1939-22:
      • Generating Compact and Manipulation Bus Instruments for Multi PG IPDUs
      • Suspension of PDU transmission manipulation support
    • For Ethernet:
      • Usage of AUTOSAR file for decoding SOME/IP-SD messages
      • Importing and visualizing SOME/IP event parameters
    • For FlexRay:
      • FlexRay: GTS communication manipulation support
    • Usability improvements:
      • Displaying the PDU state in the region header
      • Visualizing signals for which 'ISignal Value' is enabled
      • Selecting the Bus Navigator element related to a Bus instrument
      • Selecting the monitor node related to a monitoring list
      • Compact Bus Instrument: Support for naming macros
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 2023-B
  • Support of the AUTOSAR system template based on AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R22-11 for describing LIN networks
  • Possibility to create a restbus configuration also for ECUs that are already in the simulation configuration
ECU Interface Base Package 2023-B
  • XCP time stamp synchronization
  • Support of the new MicroLabBox II  
FPGA Programming Blockset 2023-B
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes 
Model Compare 2023-B
  • Accelerated model comparison: New, file-based comparison method that analyzes the pure model files directly and displays the comparison results immediately
  • Model2TextConverter (Textconv driver) with built-in TargetLink support
ModelDesk 2023-B
  • ModelDesk technology update
    • Updated core technology for application and parts of the user interface.
    • Prepared for modern operating systems and new .NET framework versions.
  • Updated OpenDRIVE conversion
    • Support of OpenDRIVE 1.6 for import
    • Improved quality of OpenDRIVE export
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2023-B
  • Support of AUTOSAR Classic Platform R22-11 
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 2023-B 
  • Support of AUTOSAR Classic Platform R22-11
RTI XCP on Ethernet Blockset 2023-B
  • Support of a the SCALEXIO real-time PC
  • Support of the DS6344 CAN board
SCALEXIO firmware
  • Support of the SCALEXIO FSX hardware
  • FSX Infrastructure (DS6861 IOCNET Router, SCALEXIO FSX Unit (10 slot)
  • Fault Insertion Board (DS6801, DS6802 (limited software support), DS6805 (limited software support)
  • Support of the DS6242 D/A Board
  • Support of the DS6365-PE Board
  • Support of Python 3.11
SystemDesk 2023-B
  • Support for generation of A2L files for AUTOSAR application data types CURVE, MAP, COM_AXIS as well as for SWC-internal CONSTANT- and STATIC-MEMORY variables
  • Support of AUTOSAR Release 22-11 for Classic and Adaptive Platform
  • XCP Service Integration according to FMI Layered Standard fmi-ls-xcp (RC1) 
TargetLink 2023-B
  • New “SOLE” block for solving linear equations allows advanced motion control and trajectory planning
  • Dynamic selection of variables at Data Store Read and Data Store Write blocks
  • More C++ constructs like enumeration class data types, static casts, and namespaces on module level
  • Improved code generation run time for large signals
  • Support of the Simulink® parameter “Ensure output is virtual” to enable a smooth transition from classic initialization mode to simplified initialization mode
  • Text-based DD in .ddjson format for better handling of DD files in version control systems and text-based workflows
VEOS 2023-B
  • VEOS CoSim: Full native co-simulation support
  • QEMU integration into VEOS simulation
MATLAB® support
  • R2022a
  • R2022b 
  • R2023a1)
  • R2023b1)
Operating system support  
  • Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Windows® 10 GAC 22H22)
  • Windows® 10 LTSC 18092)  
  • Windows® 10 LTSC 21H22) 
  • Windows® 11 GAC 22H23)
  • Windows® Server LTSC 2019 (version 1809)  
  • Windows® Server LTSC 2022 (version 21H2) 

1) No support by TargetLink 2023-B. Full support after installing the TargetLink 23.1 Patch 1. For a download, refer to https://www.dspace.com/go/PatchesTL.

2) For information on Windows® 10 support, refer to Windows 10 support.

3) For information on Windows® 11 support, refer to Windows 11 support.

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