Webinar Recording: Save Test Systems for Test Executions – Perform the Test Evaluation Elsewhere

October 30, 2019

In this webinar recording, dSPACE presents SYNECT and its functionalities for automating test execution, test system preparation as well as available mechanisms to separate the test evaluation from the test execution.

Instructor: Claudia Hollmann, Product Engineer Data Management

Target Group: All people involved in ECU and system testing, e.g. test engineers, test developers and test managers..

dSPACE invites you to a webinar recording on the topic of efficiently mastering complex test challenges.

Testers are faced with the challenges to run more and more tests on different test systems and for different test variants. The complexities of the individual tests are also highly increasing. To meet these challenges, new test strategies and a higher level of automation is required. Such a strategy needs to include functionalities for automated test execution and test system preparation. This leads to efficient and reproducible test processes. The next step would be to ensure, that the test systems are only used for the actual test execution, so for stimulating the test and measuring test data. The subsequent test evaluation of the measured test data is often not dependent on the test system anymore, it can mostly be done on any PC. Therefore, separating test execution on the test system from the test evaluation on an ordinary PC frees the test systems up to run a larger number of tests.

In this webinar recording dSPACE demonstrates functionalities for automating test execution, test system preparation and the separation of test execution and evaluation.


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