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Cutting-Edge Technology
Wherever rapid control systems are used – in drives, industrial automation, medical applications, and others – controllers have to perform ever more complex tasks. Manufacturers have realized that the gap between increasing complexity and shorter development times can only be closed by optimizing and parallelizing the development tasks. dSPACE provides a complete and seamless development process with user-oriented products.

Accelerated Control Development
Three well-proven development methods have become the standard in controller development: rapid prototyping with a dSPACE prototyping system, automatic code generation with TargetLink, and hardware-in-the-loop testing with dSPACE Simulator. As a user of dSPACE systems, you will find the same familiar working environment for developing, programming and testing control systems. The result is an accelerated and simplified development process that helps you put your ideas into practice faster and eliminate errors sooner.