Automotive Industry

Well-Proven, Integrated Development Systems
In today’s fast moving, competitive automobile electronics world, efficiency, productivity and innovation are key. Product life cycles are getting shorter. Higher expectations regarding safety, comfort, and environmental compatibility are rapidly pushing up the complexity of electronic systems. Many automotive manufacturers and suppliers have realized that well-proven, integrated development systems which support industry standards, and a modern model-based development process can improve hand-off between the single development phases and shorten them. By this means, enormous manual workloads can be reduced and expensive mistakes avoided. As an independent system partner, dSPACE has done pioneering work on tools for ECU development, and cooperates closely with the automotive industry. dSPACE supports all the development phases with its products, from architecture-based system design and block-diagram-based function prototyping to ECU autocoding and HIL testing. The advantages for automotive customers: considerable savings in time and cost, greatly enhanced software quality, and more efficient cooperation between manufacturer and supplier.

A Diversity of Application Fields
dSPACE systems are being used successfully at international automotive customers for developing and testing embedded electronics in fields such as engine control, powertrain control (including hybrid drive technologies and electric drives), vehicle dynamics (e.g., ESP, damping control), driver assistance systems (e.g., adaptive cruise control, parking assistance), comfort electronics, interior systems, infotainment, noise cancelation, diagnosis, etc. Our customers use controllers developed with dSPACE tools in vehicles such as passenger cars, motorbikes, racing cars, and commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles.