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DS2680 I/O Unit

MultiCompact unit for powertrain and vehicle dynamics scenarios
  • 140 channels with extensive I/O functions
  • Galvanically isolated as a unit
  • Compact half 19" unit
  • Attractive price
The DS2680 I/O Unit is a MultiCompact unit for the SCALEXIO system that provides all the I/O channels required for the hardware-in-the-loop simulation of transmission or vehicle dynamics ECUs. Most of the I/O channels have a fixed function, i.e., they are dedicated analog or digital channels. With its predefined channels, the DS2680 has an attractive price, and is ideal for specific application scenarios.
I/O Functionality
The DS2680 has numerous I/O channels, each with a mostly predefined function. You can choose between analog and digital inputs and outputs, resistance simulation channels, and special I/O channels. Signal measurement and generation can be time-triggered or angle-based.
Testing Electrical Failures
The DS2680 includes a Failure Insertion Unit (FIU) for testing ECU behavior in the event of a failure. It can be used as a central FIU for the SCALEXIO system. Each channel has a failure routing unit (FRU) for switching the connection to the FIU via the fail rails.
Real Loads
Substitute loads can be plugged onto the DS2680 internally if required. An exchangeable load board is available for you to mount different plug-on loads. Real loads and large substitute loads can be connected externally via the load connector.
Component Variants
The DS2680 is available with and without an integrated bus board. The integrated bus board provides two channels for each of the bus systems LIN, CAN and FlexRay. If you need more or different bus channels, for example, four CAN channels, you can use a HighFlex bus board in addition or as an alternative.