Electric Drives Application

Driving for Precision
Electric drives have been used increasingly over the past few years. Not only in vehicles, but also in drive and automation technologies. They have numerous advantages and wide-ranging application potential in many areas. Electric motors can be very small and fit almost anywhere. They have very high dynamics and can provide high torque at lower rotational speed. Other reasons are improved energy saving due to power on demand, better controllability, and easier maintenance. dSPACE provides exactly the right products and solutions for simulating electric drives, and for developing and testing their ECUs. From flexible dSPACE development systems and special hardware for electric drives to building complete systems, dSPACE will accelerate your drive to the future.

Electric Motors for Automotive Applications
In automotive applications, electric drives are increasingly being incorporated into several complex, basic, and safety-relevant vehicle functions. dSPACE products can accelerate the ECU software development for electric drive applications in many scenarios, such as for mild-/full hybrid cars, electric vehicles, electric brake systems, powertrain actuators, electric power steering (EPS), auxiliary aggregates (oil pump, water pump) etc.

Electric Motors for Non-Automotive Applications
Electric motors are also in widespread use in the capital goods industry, medical technology, and aerospace sector. Possible applications for dSPACE products in non-automotive control software development include wind energy converters, electric trains, printing machines, medical equipment, robots etc.