Firmware Updates

Firmware Manager and Firmware Archives

Since dSPACE Release 2013-B the stand-alone Firmware Manager is available.

The Firmware Manager and the Firmware Archives can also be used with earlier Releases beginning with Release 7.0.

The Firmware Manager does not support SCALEXIO, RapidPro and dSPACE Solutions.

The Firmware Archives include also the current DS1006 FPGA Code.


Download Firmware Archives

Firmware Archives 1.1.2 (September 11, 2014)


Download Firmware Manager

Firmware Manager 1.1 from Release 2014-A 


Required Redistributables for older Releases 

When installing the current Firmware Manager with an older Release, it might be necessary to install the following components at first 



Firmware Updates for Releases before Release 7.0

The Firmware Manager cannot be used with Releases before Release 7.0.

Firmware updates must be done with ControlDesk.

The firmware files were always installed with the basic software (RTLib).

Firmware patches are distributed with RTLib patches, or Implementation Software Service Packs.



Firmware for DS1006 boards in combination with Releases not supporting the DS1006 Multi Core board

When using a DS1006 board with an older Release not supporting the DS1006 Multi Core board, the boot firmware must be downgraded.

DS1006 Firmware 1.x