Developing and Validating Innovations Faster and More Efficient

Simulation is the key to the efficient development and reliable validation of complex systems. dSPACE offers its customers solutions and know-how that help advance innovations with software- and hardware-based simulations. As a market and innovation leader, we consistently support the dynamic transformation of the automotive industry with solutions for autonomous driving, electromobility, and digitization. Particularly automotive manufacturers and their suppliers use this comprehensive, end-to-end solution range to test the software and hardware components of their new vehicles long before a new model is allowed on the road. dSPACE is not only a sought-after development partner in vehicle development. Engineers also rely on our dSPACE knowledge and experience in aerospace and industrial automation. For decades, dSPACE solutions have accelerated the development of innovative vehicle technology and made its validation more reliable. Our portfolio ranges from continuous tool chains to engineering and consulting services as well as training and support.

Solutions for Safe Autonomous Driving

Data is crucial for the development of autonomous vehicles, because these vehicles use sensors to perceive their environment, thereby generating a wealth of information that has to be evaluated. To ensure that the right data is available in the right quality and quantity, dSPACE offers a comprehensive, scalable range of solutions: It ranges from data logging to data annotation, from measurement-data-based scenario generation to sensor simulation and scenario-based testing in the cloud. The acquisition of the start-up (UAI) in July 2019 further extended our product portfolio with AI-based possibilities, such as automated data analysis, data annotation, and the extraction of simulation scenarios. As a result, dSPACE supports data-driven development with a comprehensive, seamless tool chain. 

Getting Electromobility on the Road

We want to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles to make them a real alternative. To do this, we give our customers a cutting-edge, scalable chain of solutions for the development and test of electric motors, energy storage systems, and charging infrastructure. Naturally, this tool chain is suitable for the complete charging communication and lets our customers test energy feedback. We offer internationally industry-proven tools. From a single source. 

Worldwide Representation

dSPACE employs more than 2,000 people worldwide and has regional companies in the USA, the UK, France, Croatia, Japan, China and South Korea. For global coverage, there are also distributors representing dSPACE all over the world.

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