Company Profile

All over the world, wherever engineers are working on cars and planes, dSPACE is involved. Why? Because our hardware and software solutions accelerate the development and testing of mechatronic control systems. And because speed is becoming more and more important. What’s the secret of dSPACE’s success? We help our customers do new things to maintain their edge over competitors — and even increase it.

Our Company Philosophy
More than 25 years ago, dSPACE started out as a pioneer that attracted a lot of attention. We laid the foundations for key technologies such as rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Today dSPACE is the leading producer of engineering tools for developing and testing mechatronic control systems. With a wide portfolio and cutting-edge technology that make us a popular development partner in the automotive industry, aerospace and industrial automation.
We still have that pioneering spirit of the early days — the constant desire to find new ideas leading to innovations that keep us ahead of the crowd. To make our customers even more successful in their own markets.

Our Team Spirit
This is what motivates 1,200 dedicated dSPACE employees all over the world today as they take on their development tasks. Time and time again, the goal is to work as closely as possible with each customer to ensure the success of the project. One key to our success is our mature range of cutting-edge products. Drawing on experience gained from 20,000 systems, they cover the entire development process seamlessly. Our Support team's willingness to serve is just as important: The dSPACE Support team never fails to impress customers with their speed, their expertise, and their determination to never give up until the project runs smoothly.

From Paderborn to the World
Since it was founded in 1988, dSPACE has gone straight to the top. Today we are a technological concern with global commitments. In addition to our headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, there are dSPACE Project Centers near Munich and Stuttgart to give our customers optimal on-site support. Outside Germany, dSPACE is represented in Detroit, USA (since 1991), Cambridge, United Kingdom (since 2001), Paris, France (since 2001), in Tokyo, Japan (since 2006) and in Shanghai, China (since 2008). For global coverage, there are also distributors representing dSPACE all over the world.

Active in Standardization Organizations
dSPACE is an active member of several standardization organizations, including ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardisation of Automation- and Measuring Systems), the AUTOSAR development partnership (AUTomotive Open System Architecture), and the FlexRay Consortium. It’s no surprise: all the specifications made by these organizations go straight into our product range.