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Active Safety

dSPACE tools for driver assistance systems

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HIL Simulation Systems

dSPACE provides a complete solution for hardware-in-the-loop simulation

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dSPACE Prototyping Systems

Flexibility for control design and bypassing

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TargetLink Production Code Generation Software: Production code generation for your ECU, automatically and directly from Simulink /Stateflow. MicroAutoBox Hardware Compact, stand-alone prototyping unit with real-time hardware, I/O, and signal conditioning Automotive Simulation Models Real-Time Simulation Models for Powertrain, Electric System, Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic SystemDesk SystemDesk is the environment for conveniently modeling system architecture and generating virtual ECUs DS1104 R&D Controller Board Cost-effective system for controller development. DS1103 PPC Controller Board All-rounder for rapid control prototyping with comprehensive I/O modules (including CAN) and ample calculation power VEOS dSPACE VEOS is the platform for PC-based simulation ControlDesk Next Generation Universal experiment software for electronic control unit (ECU) development Real-Time Interface (RTI) Automatic implementation of MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® models on dSPACE hardware RapidPro Hardware Signal conditioning, power stages and intelligent I/O subsystems for rapid control prototyping AutomationDesk AutomationDesk is a powerful test authoring and automation tool for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing of electronic control units (ECUs). MotionDesk 3-D animation of mechanical systems in a virtual world, for example, for visualizing hardware-in-the-loop experiments like ADAS or vehicle dynamics scenarios. V2X Solution Developing and testing V2X applications AutoBox Compact expansion box for in-vehicle experiments SCALEXIO Versatile system for HIL simulation DS1006 Processor Board The DS1006 Processor Board is ideal for computing very complex, processing-intensive models, and for use in laboratories. SYNECT SYNECT is a data management and collaboration software tool with a special focus on model-based development and ECU testing. MicroLabBox Hardware Compact prototyping unit for the laboratory Compact Laboratory Systems Compact real-time systems ideal for laboratory use ModelDesk The Graphical User Interface for Parameterization, Administration, and Simulation RTI CAN Blockset For combining dSPACE systems with CAN communication networks dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size Standardized, off-the-shelf HIL simulator based on two boards from dSPACE's modular hardware. ConfigurationDesk for RapidPro The ConfigurationDesk software lets you configure RapidPro hardware to meet individual requirements. DS1005 PPC Board The DS1005 PPC Board is ideal for computing models with high sampling rates and high I/O requirements, and for use in dSPACE AutoBox. Compact In-Vehicle Systems Compact, robust real-time systems for in-vehicle rapid control prototyping, tests, and data acquisition dSPACE Simulator Full-Size Modular simulator concept that is assembled from off-the-shelf components according to your needs. ASM Vehicle Dynamics Real-time-capable vehicle dynamics model DCI-CAN1 USB-to-CAN Converter The DCI-CAN1 provides a robust, compact interface to the CAN bus via a plug & play USB connection, and features integrated optoisolation and a high-speed transceiver. USB to CAN/CAN FD Converter DCI-CAN2 With the DCI-CAN2 you can access the data stream on CAN and CAN FD networks. Modular In-Vehicle Systems Modular real-time systems ideal for in-vehicle rapid control prototyping, test, and data acquisition Connector and LED Panels Easy access to I/O signals with BNC and Sub-D connectors DS2211 HIL I/O Board The DS2211 HIL I/O Board is the central I/O board for hardware-in-the-loop simulations, especially in the field of engine simulation and vehicle dynamics simulation. It combines a variety of typical HIL I/O signals on one board. RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset For combining dSPACE systems with CAN communication networks Expansion Boxes Boxes for expanding the host PC for large dSPACE systems Modular Laboratory Systems Modular real-time systems ideal for laboratory use Generic Serial Interfaces DCI-GSIs Generic serial interfaces for function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration and flash programming. DS1007 PPC Processor Board The DS1007 processor board provides high computing power combined with fast I/O access. ASM Gasoline Engine Basic Real-time gasoline engine simulation model Connector and LED Panels Connector and LED panels enable an easy access to I/O signals with BNC and Sub-D connectors. dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool ECU flash programming via calibration interfaces DS5203 FPGA Board FPGA programmable per application DS2202 HIL I/O Board The DS2202 HIL I/O Board has been designed for hardware-in-the-loop simulation in automotive applications, and is tailored to the simulation and measurement of automotive signals. AC Motor Control Solution Control of diverse AC motors DS4302 CAN Interface Board The DS4302 CAN Interface Board connects a dSPACE system to the controller area network (CAN). Interface to MIL-STD-1553 For control development and hardware-in-the-loop simulation in avionics ASM Diesel Engine Real-time-capable simulation models for combustion engines DS2002/DS2003 Multi-Channel A/D Boards The DS2002/DS2003 Multi-Channel A/D Boards provide various resolutions, channel numbers and speeds for A/D conversion. XSG Advanced Engine Control Library With its XSG Advanced Engine Control Library, dSPACE offers an FPGA solution for cylinder pressure indication and in-cycle control of combustion engines Real-Time Testing Python-based test automation – 100% reproducible real-time tests executed synchronously with simulation model DCI-KLine1 USB-to-K-Line Interface The DCI-Kline1 provides a robust and compact USB-to-K-Line interface. dSPACE Simulator EcoLine dSPACE Simulator EcoLine is the ideal entry HIL-system for everybody. DS5380 Electronic Load Module 30V Electronic Load Module for the HIL simulation of electric machines Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package Easy real-time simulation of power electronics circuits developed with SimPowerSystems™ RTI FPGA Programming Blockset Integrating FPGA models in dSPACE systems Model Compare Comparison of Simulink®, Stateflow®, and TargetLink® models Compiler The compilers are automatically invoked in the code generation phase XSG Electric Component Library Plant models for FPGA-based simulations. Demo Equipment Ideally suited to university labs DS210x D/A Boards Fast D/A boards with various resolutions, channel numbers, and speeds Variable Editor Visualize, edit, and create ECU description files ASM KnC Simulation for Efficient Suspension Design and Analysis DS5381 Electronic Load Module 60V Electronic Load Module for the HIL simulation of electric machines DS830 MultiLink Panel Connection of several dSPACE systems to one host PC External Failure Insertion Unit dSPACE External Failure Insertion Unit for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Electric Motor HIL (EMH) Solution Electric motor simulation Additional Bypass Interface Solutions Customer-specific DPMEM PODs and on-chip debugging interfaces 100Mbit/s Ethernet Interface (UDP/IP, TCP/IP) With the 100 Mbit/s Ethernet Interface, you can connect a dSPACE system to an Ethernet network. RTI AUTOSAR Blockset Using AUTOSAR software components in a MATLAB®/Simulink® environment ARINC 429 Interface Interface to the ARINC 429 avionics data bus DS6101 Multi-I/O Board I/O hardware with signal conditioning for automotive systems VEMAC: PZAmp Rapid control prototyping power stage for controlling piezo injectors ARINC 717 Interface Interface to the ARINC 717 avionics data bus Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1) The Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1) allows a decentralized connection of sensors and actuators to dSPACE systems 10Mbit/s Ethernet (UDP/IP) 10Mbit/s Ethernet (UDP/IP) Battery Cell Voltage Measurement and Balancing For the prototyping of battery management systems (BMS), high-voltage batteries have to be managed at cell level. To make this possible, dSPACE provides the modular EV1093 battery cell voltage measurement and balancing board (passive balancing). DS4003 Digital I/O Board The DS4003 Digital I/O Board provides a large number of digital I/O channels for various applications. DS1006 Advanced Support Package The DS1006_QC Advanced Support Package makes it possible to establish an Ethernet interface via the DS1006 Processor Board. Resolver Interface With the Resolver Interface, you can connect dSPACE’s modular hardware to resolver sensors. DS641 VME Interface With the DS641 VME Interface, you can connect dSPACE’s modular hardware to a VME bus. DS2004 High-Speed A/D Board Fast and precise digitizing of analog signals DS5001 Digital Waveform Capture Board The DS5001 Digital Waveform Capture Board records digital signals at a high speed for an extremely flexible evaluation of frequency, phase, duty cycle, and other signal parameters. Bus Manager One tool for homogeneously configuring several bus systems at the same time. DS5101 Digital Waveform Output Board With the DS5101 Digital Waveform Output Board, you can generate complex, high-speed digital signals at a high resolution. DS2302 Direct Digital Synthesis Board The DS2302 Direct Digital Synthesis Board makes it possible to simulate complex sensor signal waveforms for testing ECUs. Failure Simulation Package Application programming interfaces for accessing dSPACE Failure Insertion Units DS4004 HIL Digital I/O Board The DS4004 HIL Digital I/O Board enables a flexible HIL simulation for widely varying configurations of body electronics. The DS4004 comprises 96 digital I/O channels with signal conditioning. DS5202 FPGA Base Board For high-resolution signal preprocessing DS4505 Interface Board The DS4505 Interface Board connects a dSPACE system with modular hardware to a FlexRay and/or a CAN FD communication system. DS4002 Timing and Digital I/O Board With the DS4002 Timing and Digital I/O Board, you can generate and capture digital signals. DS3001/DS3002 Incremental Encoder Interface Boards The DS3001/DS3002 Incremental Encoder Interface Boards are designed for precise position control. Typical application areas are robotics and drive control. DS4121 ECU Interface Board The DS4121 connects an electronic control unit (ECU) and a dSPACE modular system, for example for bypassing tasks. EtherCAT Board The dSPACE EtherCAT slave interface connects a dSPACE real-time system to the Ethernet fieldbus EtherCAT as a slave. DS4330 LIN Interface Board The DS4330 provides a LIN interface for the connection of dSPACE systems to LIN buses. Position Sensor Simulation Solution Simulation of various position sensors PROFIBUS Interface Interface to a PROFIBUS communication bus DS4201 Prototyping Board The DS4201 Prototyping Board makes it possible to integrate customized circuits into dSPACE systems PWM Measurement Solution dSPACE Solution for capturing of PWM signals DS2401 Resistive Sensor Simulation Board For simulating resistive sensors SCRAMNet+ Interface Interface to SCRAMNet+ networks DS4201-S Serial Interface Board The DS4201-S allows serial communication between a dSPACE system and external devices. RapidPro Power Unit Flexible power stage unit that is easy to adapt to different actuator types via configurable modules. RapidPro Break-Out Boxes Desktop connection panels for RapidPro systems. RapidPro Control Unit Intelligent I/O subsystem for dSPACE prototyping systems. RapidPro SC/PS Modules Mountable signal conditioning and power stage modules for RapidPro units. RapidPro SC Unit Flexible signal conditioning unit which is easy to adapt to different sensor types via configurable modules. SCALEXIO Solutions for Aerospace SCALEXIO offers modules for aerospace applications with ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553 or AFDX DS2601 Signal Measurement Board HighFlex I/O board for measuring ECU output signals DS2621 Signal Generation Board HighFlex I/O board for simulating ECU inputs DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board HighFlex board for power-switching with Failure Insertion Unit DS2680 I/O Unit MultiCompact unit for powertrain and vehicle dynamics scenarios DS2655 FPGA Base Board HighFlex board with user-programmable FPGA DS2671 Bus Board HighFlex board for interfacing to different bus systems DS2690 Digital I/O Board MultiCompact board for vehicle body scenarios DS2907 Battery Simulation Controller Power supply control for battery simulation DS6201 Digital I/O Board SCALEXIO I/O board with 96 bidirectional digital I/O channels SCALEXIO Processing Unit dSPACE SCALEXIO Processing Unit offers the newest processor technology Battery Cell Voltage Emulation dSPACE module for emulating battery cell voltage for HIL tests Link Boards With the DS802 PHS Link Board, you can connect a host PC with dSPACE systems. DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module The DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module can be used with the DS4505 Interface Board for connecting a real-time processor to a FlexRay bus. DS4342 CAN FD Interface Module The DS4342 CAN FD Interface Module can be used with the DS4505 Interface Board for connecting a real-time processor to a CAN FD bus. SCALEXIO Field Bus Solution SCALEXIO offers interface solution for Profibus and EtherCAT for connecting a SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop system to these field bus types Electronic Load Module 800V Electronic Load Module for Simulating an Electric Motor at Power Level at High Voltages Failure Simulation DS1450 Bus FIU Board for failure simulation with dSPACE Simulator ASM Combustion Engine Models Real-time combustion engine simulation models ASM Diesel Exhaust System Model Real-time simulation of a complete diesel exhaust aftertreatment system. Platform API Package The Platform API Package is a set of libraries to access dSPACE real-time platforms and dSPACE VEOS. ASM Gasoline Engine Echtzeitmodelle für die Fahrzeugentwicklung ASM Turbocharger Model Real-Time Turbocharger Model ASM Traffic Real-Time Traffic Simulation ASM Gasoline Engine InCylinder Real-time gasoline engine simulation model with in-cylinder pressure and temperature simulation. ASM Electric Components Simulating automotive electric systems and drives ModelDesk Processing Data processing for parameterization Road Generator Virtual Road Construction Traffic Editor User interface for very flexible and easy traffic scenario definition. ASM Brake Hydraulics Real-time-capable brake hydraulics model ASM Trailer Trailer model for cars and trucks ASM Truck Truck model for tractor and trailer simulation in real time ASM Pneumatics Real-time pneumatics model dSPACE Calibration and Bypassing Service The dSPACE Calibration and Bypassing Service can be used for measurement, calibration, bypassing, and flash programming. ECU Interface Manager The ECU Interface Manager is an easy-to-use tool for quickly integrating bypass services and hooks directly into the ECU software. dSPACE XCP Service The dSPACE XCP on CAN service is designed for various use cases such as measuring ECU variables, calibration, and ECU flash programming. dSPACE Internal Bypassing Service ECU service for internal bypassing and on-target prototyping ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset The ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset lets you access the electronic horizon data from within a Simulink model ADAS RP Blockset Developing map-based driver assistance systems Ethernet Configuration Package For combining SCALEXIO® systems with Ethernet SOME/IP networks Ethernet Blocksets Overview of Ethernet implementation software ADTF Blockset Developing driver assistance systems with environment sensors Power RealTime Library Easy real-time simulation of power electronics circuits developed with SimPowerSystems™ RTI Bypass Blockset Dialog-based configuration of bypass applications and real-time ECU access dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package For graphical configuration of FlexRay communication systems RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset LIN bus and node configuration from Simulink RTI-MP For graphical setup of multiprocessor structures ConfigurationDesk for SCALEXIO Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE SCALEXIO hardware XSG Utils Library Ready-to-use function blocks for speeding up the implementation of FGPA models Additional I/O Solutions Solutions for I/O and busses not covered by our standard boards ASM Satellite Open Simulink models for simulating a whole satellite