Controller Development with Industry-Proven Tools
dSPACE offers universities and research institutes flexible systems with all the options needed for the model-based development of mechatronic controls. dSPACE has pioneered and optimized tools for controller development for many years as an independent system partner. Cooperating closely with the industry, we have created a comprehensive development environment that has become a standard in many companies. dSPACE supports all the development phases, from architecture-based system design and block-diagram-based function prototyping to autocoding and HIL testing.

ACE Kits
For universities, dSPACE has put together attractive product packages: the ACE Kits – real-time development systems consisting of powerful hardware and comprehensive software tools. All ACE Kits include software for seamlessly integrating the modeling tools MATLAB® and Simulink® and for operating the real-time hardware. The price of each kit is far lower than the total of all its individual components. The ACE Kits enable you to:

  • Test even the most complex control in real time
  • Demonstrate high-end control development – from block diagram design to online controller optimization
  • Let your students gain experience with control development tools
  • Work under easy-to-use, intuitive Windows® interfaces
  • Implement your Simulink models on real-time hardware within seconds
  • Observe the effects of parameter changes on your system‘s behavior