TargetLink 5.0

Compatibility with non-dSPACE Software

TargetLink is compatible with the following non-dSPACE software.

Software and Version

Requirements for TargetLink

Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)

Windows 10 (64-bit) as Professional, Enterprise or Education Edition

For details refer to Windows 10 Support.

Basic requirement for TargetLink

MATLAB R2018b 

Basic requirement for TargetLink


Mex Compiler:
TargetLink supports all Microsoft and GCC compilers, which are also supported by MathWorks as mex compilers.

Supported host compilers for TargetLink:
- Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1 (not supported for Windows 10)
- Microsoft Visual C/C++ Professional  Ver. 12.0,  Ver. 14.0
- Microsoft Visual C/C++ Community, Professional, Enterprise Ver. 15.0, 16.0
- MinGW64 GCC 5.3.0, 6.3.0

Please note that not all supported host compilers of TargetLink are supported by all MATLAB versions as mex compiler.

Required when using host simulation


Compatibility with Target Compilers and Evaluation Boards

For detailed information about supported target compilers and evaluation boards refer to the document to be downloaded below.

  • Compatibility with Target Compilers and Evaluation Boards tl50_bpz_evb.pdf PDF, 234.8 KB
Date 2020-03-02
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产品 TargetLink
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