Combination of dSPACE products

Information as of Release 2013-B

dSPACE recommends using only software products from the same dSPACE Release. This provides maximum run-time compatibility. 
Note: Limitations regarding run-time compatibility in the dSPACE tool chain might occur if products from different dSPACE Releases are mixed.


More Information can be found in the User Documentation: Run-Time Compatibility

Information as of Release 7.2

Since Release 7.2 all products, including the RCP and HIL Software package, are installed according to a new installation method.

Software packages, e.g. RCP and HIL, TargetLink, ControlDesk Next Generation, are not installed into a common directory anymore.
Thus, in principle, the installation order is not relevant as it was until Release 6.6. (see below).

Although the setup programs do not block an installation, only certain combinations of software packages (versions) are allowed to be used on the same PC.
In the documentation this is called run-time compatibility. Below please find the relevant excerpts from the documentation.

  • Release 2013-A swinst_excerpt_rls2013a.pdf PDF, 25.6 KB
  • Release 7.4 swinst_excerpt_rls74.pdf PDF, 30.3 KB
  • Release 7.3 swinst_excerpt_rls73.pdf PDF, 25.5 KB
  • Release 7.2 swinst_excerpt_rls72.pdf PDF, 25.0 KB

Information for Release 7.0 and 7.1

Starting with Release 7.0 the basic installation methods changed:
In contrast to prior Releases, products installed in different directories can be used without switching (activating) the current installation with the Installation Manager.

For details refer to the documentation excerpts below.

Note that the RCP&HIL Setups from Release 7.1 and 7.0 do not support this new installation strategy. 
For example, RCP&HIL 7.1 can still be installed into the same directory as TargetLink 3.1 from Release 6.5.

  • Release 7.1 swinst_excerpt_rls71.pdf PDF, 29.2 KB
  • Release 7.0 swinst_excerpt_rls70.pdf PDF, 34.0 KB

Information valid until Release 6.6

If you want to use dSPACE products on the same PC without switching between the active installations using the Installation Manager, all products must be installed in the same base directory.

However, this requires that the products are compatible with each other. The documents to be downloaded below show which products can be installed together in the same directory and in which order they must be installed.

Normally you should use the Master Setup program on the DVD to install combinations of RCP and HIL Software, TargetLink, and CalDesk.


For information about software versions not listed in the document below, please contact dSPACE Support.

  • Current versions swinst_excerpt_rls66.pdf PDF, 42.5 KB
  • Excerpt from the latest Software Installation and Management Guide (Release 6.6, May 2010). The complete document is available as SWInst.pdf on the dSPACE DVD.

Date 2021-05-18
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