End-of-life announcement SCALEXIO Processing Unit HCP P01 (i7-860 at 2.8 GHz)

Originally this end-of-life announcement has been issued in February 2017. In May 2021 we added the end-of-life date March 31, 2023.

End-of-Life Information

Services Until / Date
End of life announced February 2017
Product can be purchased February 2018
New revisions provided February 2018
Repair service provided March 2022
Software support provided March 2022
Bug-fixes for supporting software March 2022
Customer support services provided March 2023


Update 2021-05-05

For new projects we recommend that you use the latest version of the SCALEXIO Processing Unit HCP equipped with a XEON E3-1275v6 at 3.8 GHz. 

Note that newer SCALEXIO Processing Units possibly require a newer dSPACE Software Release.

Migration Information

Dedicated migration information would be published here.

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Date 2021-05-05
产品类型 模块化系统
产品 SCALEXIO, SCALEXIO Processing Unit
资料信息 通知
信息类别 中止
dSPACE 版本发布 待推出版本


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