End-of-life Announcement Calibration Hub

The end of life of the Calibration Hub is planned for December 2021. We advise against using the Calibration Hub in new projects. You can still buy the product until December 2018. New releases of dSPACE software are guaranteed to continue supporting the Calibration Hub until at least the end of 2020.  

End-of-Life Information

Services Until / Date Last Release
End of life announced November 2017  
Product can be purchased December 2018  
New revisions provided December 2018  
Repair service provided December 2020  
Software support provided December 2020 Release 2020-B
Bug-fixes for supporting software December 2020  
Customer support services provided December 2021  


For new projects we recommend that you use the successor, the DCI-CAN2.
The DCI-CAN2 is more than just a suitable replacement. With the DCI-CAN2 you can access not only the data stream on CAN networks, but also on CAN FD networks. The interface transfers messages between the CAN/CAN FD network and the host PC via the universal serial bus (USB). Compared with the classic CAN protocol, CAN FD (FD = Flexible Data Rate) comes with increased data rates and payload data length. With CAN FD, a multiplied data rate allows an average data transmission speed of several Mbit/s and payload lengths of up to 64 bytes (compared to 8 bytes in a classic CAN).

If you have any questions or need further information, your contact in the dSPACE sales team will be glad to help. 

Migration Information

Dedicated migration information would be published here.

Date 2017-10-30
产品 Calibration Hub
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信息类别 中止
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