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Patch 1.3p3 for TargetLink®

Installation Notes

Patch 1.3p3 is the third patch for TargetLink Release 1.3. It includes the previous patches 1.3p2, 1.3p1 and all bug fixes of TargetLink Release 1.3 until Oct. 28, 2004.
For a list of changes and compatibility information refer to the TargetLink 1.3p3 release notes (TL13p3_ReleaseNotes.pdf).

For a list of open problems and problems which have been fixed with TargetLink Release 1.3p3 compared to TargetLink Release 1.3, refer to the known problems list (TL13p3_KnoProList.pdf).

TargetLink Release 1.3p3 is distributed as a self-extracting ZIP archive, which is available from the TargetLink support area on the dSPACE Web server. The tl13p3.exe patch archive is split into 6 parts to make download from the Web more reliable.

An installation of TargetLink Release 1.3 must exist on your PC, before you can install the patch. You also need to close MATLAB® before invoking the update.

1. Download the following files and save them to a temporary folder on your PC (e.g., c:\temp):

invoke_tl13p3.bat (3 kB)
tl13p3.part1 (5.2 MB)
tl13p3.part2 (5.2 MB)
tl13p3.part3 (5.2 MB)
tl13p3.part4 (5.2 MB)
tl13p3.part5 (5.2 MB)
tl13p3.part6 (5.2 MB)

Exit MATLAB®, if still open.

2. Execute invoke_tl13p3.bat to start the patch installation and to copy all required files to the corresponding TargetLink folders. This command may take several minutes if a virus checker is enabled on your PC.

3. TargetLink is now updated and ready to be started.

4. During installation the tl13p3.exe self-extracting ZIP archive is created from tl13p3.part1-6. You may keep the tl13p3.exe file for later installation on other PCs in your department. Once tl13p3.exe exists, the files listed above are no longer needed.