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PS-DINJ 2/1 PlugIn for Release 5.4

New Features introduced by this PlugIn
Installation Notes & Download


This PlugIn can be installed on an existing Release 5.4 installation.

New Features introduced by this PlugIn

This AddOn upgrades Release 5.4 in order to provide full functionality of the PS-DINJ 2/1 module.
For more information refer to the files to be downloaded below.

Additionally this PlugIn introduces ConfigurationDesk support for the SC-DAC 4/1 module (DS1645) that is available for the prototyping ECU use case only (i.e., with DS1603 processor module and MPC5554 processor).


A minor problem was detected after release of this PlugIn:

  • During execution of the the firmware update tool RapidProUpdate.exe, the following error messages might be generated:
    "Cannot set RapidPro system to idle mode (RPCU state 0x00000000)"
    "PIC firmware update not successful!"
    These messages do not indicate a malfunction of the update process and can be ignored..

Installation Notes & Download

ReadMe (2 KB)
RapidProPsDinj21_PICFw1.4.pdf (75 KB)
RapidProPsDinjAddOn1.2.exe (2 MB)

Date 2007-08-13
产品类型 紧凑系统
产品 RapidPro
信息类别 新增功能
dSPACE 版 2013-A之前