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DS1006 Processor Board with 2.6 GHz Processor Clock


The DS1006 (2.6 GHz) is fully compatible with dSPACE Release 4.2 and later. If you want to use the DS1006 (2.6 GHz) in conjunction with dSPACE Release 4.1, contact for compatibility information.

Before you install the DS1006 (2.6 GHz) in your expansion box, you have to install a software patch. The patch contains the necessary boot firmware (Version 1.2.1) for the DS1006 (2.6 GHz). No damage is caused by using the patch in combination with a 2.2 GHz board. The patch can be downloaded via the link below.



Patch DS1006FW26.exe (2.38 MB)
Complete Information about DS1006 2.6GHz (60 KB)


Date 2007-11-19
产品类型 模块化系统
硬件类型 PHS硬件
产品 DS1006 Processor Board, RCP and HIL 软件
资料信息 补丁
信息类别 故障排除
dSPACE 版 2013-A之前