AutomationDesk 1.1 & MTest 1.0.1 Product Release


This page gives access to the download of the AutomationDesk 1.1 & MTest 1.0.1 Product Release for dSPACE Release 4.0 / 4.0.1.

New Features of AutomationDesk 1.1

  • Improved usability
  • Reduction of the number of permanent windows
  • Integration of the variable browser known from ControlDesk
  • Simplified access to data objects
  • Improved error handling

MTest 1.0.1

MTest is an AutomationDesk extension for systematic black-box testing of Simulink and TargetLink models.
For further information about MTest please refer to the general MTest product information.

Installation Notes

The installation of this Product Release requires an existing installation of dSPACE Release 4.0 or dSPACE Release 4.0.1. For further information refer to the ReadMe.txt file that you download with the setup files.

The following program versions are installed by the setup program:

  • AutomationDesk 1.1
  • MTest 1.0.1 (requires AutomationDesk 1.1)
  • Classification Tree Editor (CTE) 2.3.18 from Razorcat
    (only together with MTest)
If you want to install this Product Release under MATLAB R13 SP 1, follow the installation notes for Release 4.0.1.


This Product Release does not support Windows 98 and Windows ME anymore.
Apart from that, the compatibility information for dSPACE Release 4.0 /4.0.1 applies.


You can download the setup files either as a ZIP archive or as a compressed ISO CD image. With the ISO CD image you can create an installation CD on your own. (95.4MB) (95.4MB)
ISO CD image

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