Firmware Archives

For use with Firmware Manager, ControlDesk (since Release 2013-B), and ConfigurationDesk (since Release 2015-B).

Release Type Available Download Date Remarks
Firmware Release 2021-B Patch Firmware Archives Release 2021-B 2021-11-25
Firmware Release 2021-A Patch Firmware Archives 3.3.4 Release 2021-A 2021-11-09
Firmware Release 2020-B Patch Firmware Archives 3.2.4 Release 2020-B 2021-09-30 Introducing support of SCALEXIO Processing Unit HPP 2.0
Firmware Release 2020-A Patch Firmware Archives 3.1.7 Release 2020-A 2021-09-30
Firmware Release 2019-B Patch Firmware Archives 3.0.10 Release 2019-B 2021-10-12
Firmware Release 2019-A Patch Firmware Archives 2.7.11 Release 2019-A 2021-09-30
Firmware Release 2018-B Patch Firmware Archives 2.6.3 Release 2018-B 2021-09-30
Firmware Release 2018-A Patch Firmware Archives 2.5.11 Release 2018-A 2021-09-30 Mandatory for DS633X
Firmware Release 2017-B Patch Firmware Archives 2.4.2 Release 2017-B 2022-01-18
Firmware Release 2017-A Patch Firmware Archives 2.3.7 Release 2017-A 2018-08-17
Firmware Release 2016-B Patch Firmware Archives 2.2.2 Release 2016-B 2022-01-18
Firmware Release 2016-A Patch Firmware Archives 2.1.9 Release 2016-A 2018-04-11
Firmware Release 2015-B Patch Firmware Archives 2.0.5 Release 2015-B 2017-07-25

Update Instructions

For SCALEXIO, MicroAutoBox III, DS1007, or MicroLabBox use the newest firmware matching the dSPACE Release you are actually using.

For DS1006, DS1005, MicroAutoBox, DS1103, or DS1104 it is recommended to use the newest available firmware at all. 

After the installation of the Firmware Archives, the firmware must be programmed to the hardware.

Date 2021-04-19
软件类型 实现软件
产品 DS1006 Processor Board, DS1007 PPC Processor Board, DS1104 R&D Controller Board, Firmware Manager, MicroAutoBox II, MicroAutoBox III, MicroLabBox, SCALEXIO
资料信息 补丁
信息类别 常规使用, 故障排除
dSPACE 版本发布 2020-B, 2020-A, 2019-B, 2019-A, 2018-B, 2018-A, 2017-B , 2017-A, 2016-B, 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A, 2014-B, 2014-A, 2013-B, 2013-A, 2013-A之前版本
Keywords DS1103 PPC Controller , DS1005 PPC Board


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