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Generating TargetLink Code and ASAP2 Files for an Arbitrary Platform

This application note demonstrates how to setup TargetLink if you want to generate code and ASAP2 files for a platform that is not directly supported by TargetLink's Target Simulation Module.

The Fujitsu MB91F467D microcontroller with SOFTUNE C/C++ compiler is taken as a concrete example.

Version Download Language Valid for Revision Date
1.2 TargetLinkArbitraryPlatforms.pdf  English TargetLink 3.x
TargetLink 2.x
1.1 TargetLinkArbitraryPlatforms_JP.pdf Japanese

TargetLink 3.x
TargetLink 2.x


Date 2014-02-15
软件类型 产品代码生成软件
产品 TargetLink
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