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Real-Time Testing Observer Library Package

​The Real-Time Testing Observer Library is an RTT library for simulation-based formal verification on dSPACE platforms. It enables you to run Requirement Observers that are generated by BTC Embedded Specifier simultaneously with models running on dSPACE VEOS, SCALEXIO and DS1006 systems.

On this page you can download the documentation for the product. In addition you find a program that installs artefacts which support the use of the RTT Observer Library:

  • ControlDesk extension, consisting of a ribbon tab that offers routines to generate layouts for the handling of Requirement Observers
  • AutomationDesk extension, consisting of a library that offers a test case template for the use of Requirement Observers
  • Simulink extension, consisting of a library block that is needed to prepare models for the use of Requirement Observers
  • The demonstration project 'PowerWindow' that shows the use of the artefacts mentioned above

Related Tools:

  • dSPACE Real-Time Testing 
  • dSPACE Platform API Package
  • dSPACE ControlDesk
  • dSPACE AutomationDesk
  • BTC EmbeddedSpecifier
  • RTT ObserverGenerator for BTC EmbeddedSpecifier

RTT Observer Library Download
1.1 (for dSPACE Release 2016-B)


Requires also installation of Real-Time-Testing 3.1 Patch 1

1.0 (for dSPACE Release 2016-A)

A patch is available and STRICTLY RECOMMENDED:
Real-Time Testing Observer Library 1.0 p2.exe

Requires also installation of Real-Time-Testing 3.0 Patch 1

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Product Information


Date 2017-08-08
软件类型 实施软件, 实验和的可视化软件, 测试自动化软件
产品 AutomationDesk, ControlDesk, Platform API Package, Real-Time Interface (RTI), Real-Time Testing, Real-Time Testing Observer Library
类型 软件演示
信息类别 常规使用
dSPACE 版 2016-B, 2016-A